Metallic Croc


Today was manicure day and I chose Metallic Croc for my nails. Metallic wraps are a challenge to work with. To activate the glue, you have to hold the wrap with the glue side facing the heat source. However, the metallic wraps curl like crazy when the wrap is held close the the heat source glue side. So I tried to apply the wrap to my nail and then the heat. Worst mistake. I was unable to stretch the wrap to get rid of the buckles. If I haven’t mentioned it before, but I have curved nails. The wraps buckle on the sides when applied to curved nails and the only way to get rid of the buckles is to stretch the wrap until the buckles disappear.
To get around the curling, I turned the glue side of the wrap away from the heat. So I essentially heated the wrap on the pattern side. That worked like a charm.
I don’t think this manicure will last as long as my previous manicure and I think in the future I will only use the metallic wrap as an accent.
I was going to give myself a pedicure but changed my mind. I have hobbit feet and I don’t feel like shaving my toes. Yes, that’s right.  I have hair on my toes. I just told you I have hobbit feet. What did you expect??
I’m going to leave you with another fabulous picture of my manicure.


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