I Hate Having Naked Nails

I removed my Ritzy Reptile and Pumpkin Spice manicure today. I was sad to see them go. I had to take one last picture with my manicure before I removed the wraps. It took a long time for some reason. I probably shouldn’t have watched a movie but I did. It also doesn’t help that I do such a darn good job getting the wraps to seal to my nail. A gentle acetone removal is the only way I can take them off they stick so well.

I could only stand my nails being naked for a few hours before I decided to give the Royal Treatment Nail Lacquer set a try.


I miss my wraps.

I wish I had more energy because I just didn’t feel like washing my hair today.  It’s quite an ordeal. Four long hours of my hands covered in conditioner and detangling my curls. I absolutely hate it.  I will make the time to wash my hair tomorrow evening.

Back to the lacquer. The Royal Treatment Lacquer set.


I can’t wait to see if the lacquer withstands my hair grooming routine. Even if it does, I will be applying new nail wraps Monday night.  I want to try the Zebra Diva and Veiled. I think they will go well together.

Boy I wish I had more to talk about that wasn’t some kind of rant about what’s going on in my life.

Me blog is the best place to get stuff off my chest. So here I go.

I’m thinking about leaving my real estate investing group. This older guy in the group creeps me out. He’s very old and married and he actually had to nerve to think it was okay to flirt with me because he’s unhappily married. That’s his problem, not mine. Why do I deserve to be punished because he can’t keep the passion burning in his marriage.

Ah. It seems I’m already bored with this subject. Good night.

Why did Bella chose pale face with horrifically pasty chest over Jake?

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