Jamberry Nail Art Studio

I’ve been playing around with Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio. I was inspired by a picture of Superman Ice cream that was posted on Instagram. These patterns and colors are too juvenile for my taste but I think they would make great Jamberry junior wraps.  I only wish they would give us templates for the junior wraps.


I tried to create an interesting pattern in Comic Life Magiq.  You can’t buy the program anymore. I bought it from Plasq about 5 years ago and loved the program. It has a lot of really great features that you can’t get in Comic Life 3.  I call this pattern Blue Eyes.

blue eye

I decided I wanted to create a green version of Blue Eye. I wanted to create two more patterns to include on one sheet of wraps. That odd ball pattern is one attempt at making a new pattern with similar colors. It was an epic fail. I’ll probably go back and delete that pattern from the sheet and just have all one pattern.

green eye

This is my last pattern. I really don’t like two of the patterns but I’m totally loving the colors. I wonder what these will look like on long nails.

NAS design 1

So, what do you think of my designs? Lame? Cool?

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