366 2008

Day 366

This is my last post for this year. I was going to do something special but I feel more like crap today than I did last night. I should have rented some movies but I didn’t feel like watching anything mostly because I’m high off of cold medicine. I don’t know what to blog about. […]

Day 365

I have a feeling my weekend is going to be aweful. My throat is on fire!!! I’ve been drinking tea all day long and sucking on Halls but the soreness seems to only be getting worse. I knew I shouldn’t have washed my hair last night!!! That dang demon, Hairsenon, is totally kicking me arse […]

Day 364

Somebody got a kick out of watching my video. I can’t tell who watched it over and over but my stats says it was quite a few people. It is wonderful without the sound isn’t it? Who needs to hear my food being chewed? Anyways. I had a rather depressing day. I kept thinking about […]

Day 363

Okay, so the video I posted yesterday didn’t have any sound to it. I have no idea why. That troubles me. What if I posted something you’d actually need to have audio for?  It will probably take forever to figure out why this is happening. I posted a question to the WordPress forum about this. […]

Day 362

I’m going to try something new today. Video! It looks like it’s working! I’m excited. It took me a while to figure out but once I got the hang of it, it was easy. Cool. I have to remember how to do this. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I try to […]

Day 361

It seems whenever I make a change to my blog, I always end up screwing something up. You’d think a simple template change wouldn’t cause my blog to completely disappear but it did. Just like it normally does when I try to upgrade WordPress. Because the the WordPress software developers always want to upgrade WordPress […]

Day 360

Yep. It’s Christmas. Have a merry one. Drive safely and don’t gorge yourself too much.

Day 359

Yes, today is my b-day. And rather than vegging out and going totally brain dead, I went on a job interview. Not exactly a perfect birthday. Anyway, I don’t think I got the job because I went brain dead during the interview.  What a great time to forget all I had learned in the Army. […]

Day 358

I?m going to make this quick as I?ve got to get up early and get ready for my interview. Yes, I got a call for a job interview today while I was at work. I was totally unprepared for it as I wasn?t expecting anyone to call me until after the new year. Wow. I […]

Day 357

I have so much to do between now and when school starts back up again. I have to upgrade my template for my blog (shavonne.org) because a new release of the template I?m using (Modularity) is out and it has some pretty neat new features. I paid $99 for the All Themes Package at Graph […]

Day 356

Well, it seems I got my assignments done for both classes. Actually I got one done and the other half-way finished. It will only take me about 30 minutes to finish up the second assignment. I?m on my way to being done. I don?t know what to do with myself. I have so many things […]

Day 355

Another day of procrastination. Procrastination is me. I?m just so tired of school and writing papers I can?t stand it. I finished my critiques and I?m so glad they didn?t have to be long and in-depth because I just can?t take it anymore. One more class left. I will spend the rest of tonight finishing […]

Day 354

Another long day. I?m already feeling stressed because there?s so much to do in the next 48 hours and not enough time to do it. I can?t wait for next week. I will get my two-week break from school. I won?t get a break from Thumb Twiddle but I will get a couple of days […]

Day 353

I goofed around today. I didn?t have to go to work because of the snow storm yesterday. I had the whole day to work on my two assignments and I didn?t. All I worked on was my discussion questions. Procrastination is my twin. I just had to finish watching the last four episodes of Buffy […]

Day 352

I had to leave work early today but I didn?t leave in time to avoid the snow you see in the picture above. You can even see the snowflakes in this picture. I hate being out in snow. I hate driving in snow. I get to sleep in tomorrow. I?m happy about that as I […]

Day 351

I think I may have mentioned I watched?An Inconvenient Truth, that documentary by Al Gore. I thought it was interesting and I?m not sure I believe everything the documentary had to say. For example, I don?t believe man can stop global warming. Also, even if man didn?t invent the technology that?s contributing to the destruction […]

Day 350

I should be hearing something sometime next year on those jobs I applied for. I?m looking forward to the break from school as I find school absolutely draining and the papers just don?t seem to go away. Anyways, I found some time to surf the web and came across some video footage of President Bush […]

Day 349

I always feel better after talking to my dad. I called him today and got some advice on investing and property management. I also answered my phone. I normally don?t if I don?t recognize the phone number but I?ve been submitting my resume for different jobs and I?m expecting some phone calls. It was this […]

Day 348

I slept over 13 hours. I went to bed around 9 last night and didn?t get out of the bed until around 10 this morning. I just want to get back in my bed. But I have another paper to write. Six more papers to go and I will be able to spend my weekends […]

Day 347

19 days until this year is over! I?m so excited. I just want to skip the next 3 weeks and get on with 2009. Next year will be an interesting year. The picture you see is of my inflamed taste bud. It?s actually quite small compared to the inflamed taste bud I had when I […]

Day 346

I don?t know why people seem to want to change the definition of bastard.? It seems to me that people whose children fall into this definition aren?t comfortable with the word but they are comfortable having children outside of marriage. I only have 20 days of blogging and 6.5 weeks of school left. I start […]

Day 345

Well, I got my application packets in the mail today. They will arrive tomorrow morning at 10:30.? Hopefully, I will get a call. I?ve had 1.5 cups of Chamomile tea and I feel really good. Keiko isn?t feeling so well. She?s going through a false pregnancy and has been moping around the house with giant, […]

Day 344

I?m so glad I didn?t mail my packets today. I was able to spend a little time at work reading over the 3 questions I have to answer and realized I could beef it up a little more. Anyway, I plan on putting my packets in the mail tomorrow. I?ll have to take them to […]

Day 343

I almost forgot to blog. I?ve been getting my application packets together. For some reason, I?m not satisfied with my answers to the three questions they want me to answer. I hate this as I wanted to FedEx my packets Tuesday afternoon. Something on the news made me think I really need to make my […]