Obama Years

Jamberry Nail Art Studio

I’ve been playing around with Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio. I was inspired by a picture of Superman Ice cream that was posted on Instagram. These patterns and colors are too juvenile for my taste but I think they would make great Jamberry junior wraps.  I only wish they would give us templates for the junior […]

I Hate Having Naked Nails

I removed my Ritzy Reptile and Pumpkin Spice manicure today. I was sad to see them go. I had to take one last picture with my manicure before I removed the wraps. It took a long time for some reason. I probably shouldn’t have watched a movie but I did. It also doesn’t help that […]

My Hair

I haven’t posted much to my blog in the past few years but I still get a lot of page views from people wanting to know more about Sisterlocks. At one point in my natural hair journey I had considered getting Sisterlocks. The expense and not knowing a consultant in my area I could trust […]

Ritzy Reptile and Pumpkin Spice Jamicure

I’m totally in love with the Jamberry Nail Wraps. This is the best thing to happen to my manicures. For the longest time, I completely stopped painting my nails because the polish would start chipping after a few days. For my latest manicure or jamicure (Jamberry manicure), I chose Ritzy Reptile and Pumpkin Spice. I […]

Married at First Sight

I could figure out which couples would stay together and which ones wouldn’t.  Here are my thoughts on each couple: Jason and Courtney I knew they would stay together. They were instantly attracted to each other. Courtney recognized what Jason needed and vice versa. Courtney gave Jason the time he needed to let her in […]

Metallic Croc

  Today was manicure day and I chose Metallic Croc for my nails. Metallic wraps are a challenge to work with. To activate the glue, you have to hold the wrap with the glue side facing the heat source. However, the metallic wraps curl like crazy when the wrap is held close the the heat […]


I did it. I joined Jamberry Nails as a consultant. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to make some money promoting a product I really, really love. For my first manicure, I chose the Skyline nail wrap in matte. I absolutely loved how my nails turned out and I didn’t do that bad of a […]

Married at First Sight

I’m watching Married at First Sight and I think this is the only way I would ever get married. I hate dating and I don’t have a great track record for picking great guys. I’m just lousy at it which is one reason why I’ve completely given up on dating. I hate blind dates. Just […]

What Ticks Me Off

I finished watching a commercial for Kaplan University and it got my blood boiling. I’m one of those people who believe you have to do what you have to do to get ahead. However, one of the things society keeps pushing on people is the idea of and education as being the ONLY way to […]

It’s Been a While

I haven’t posted to my blog in a year! What do I pay for this domain name for? I might as well get my money’s worth. I’ve been busy learning how to cook and staying active and learning how to invest in real estate. I’m seriously tired of working for someone else and I’m envious […]

Coursera: The Science of Gastronomy

  I’ve been taking a course at coursera.org called The Science of Gastronomy. So far I’ve learned I can defrost meat faster if it is in a metal bowl submerged in water. I also learned my taste buds don’t work well. I had to do an experiment based on the taste map. I had to […]

My Blogit Days

So I did some searching and I found that blogger I mentioned yesterday. She can be found at www.ahermitt.com. She left blogit a few years after I did and started a self-hosted blogger blog. I need to send her a quick thank you. She was my first bread crumb. I ended up finding my profile […]

I Didnt Know What I Wanted

I didn’t know what I wanted until someone showed me what I could have. I’m very fortunate to have found people who want me to want more than what I was used to seeing around me. And it all started with blog. I stumbled across a blog at blogit.com written by a black woman. (Blogit […]

Shavonne (the blogs)

I’ve been meaning to post to the blog but haven’t felt motivated. My main reason, I don’t have much to blog about and two, It isn’t easy to blog from  Tiny Mac (my iPhone). I can’t seem to want to do anything if I have to turn on an actual computer. I have two apps […]

The weekend

    I went to a Game Night meetup at The Charleston in Santa Monica last night. It was fun. I met some really great people. I even got a job lead out of it. These events are really great for networking because getting a job nowadays is all about who you know, not what […]


    I feel like I’ve been traveling on this road and I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know why I’m on it, and I feel like I’ve been on it FOREVER with no turn offs or end in sight. My life. This past few years I’ve been to weddings, I’ve seen babies […]


Strawberries are in season and I’m loving it!  I bought some at the farmer’s market this past Saturday but they weren’t sweet. The ones o bought today are much sweeter. Yum. I’m watching The Amazing Spider-Man. I thought Peter’s love interest was a redhead?

Memorial Day


I went to test drive the Hyundai Veloster today. It is a nice car. I’m not sure if I want to get it though. I want to look at some more cars before I make my decision.  The dealer I went to today tried to give it to me up the pooper. I’ll be going […]

The Word

I went to my mom’s church for Bible study tonight. It was okay. I’m not used to that style of teaching. It was a little light on scripture. I prefer lots of scripture. It’s the only part of going to church I love. Reading God’s word. 

Time for another car

My car just died for the final time. I will have to get another car this weekend. I can’t do anything without a car. My oil thingee busted and I don’t have circulating on my engine parts. If I drive this car any further, I will kill the engine for good. Dang. Makes me wish […]


I went to see Battleship today. It was a decent movie. It wasn’t as good as The Avengers but it was entertaining.  It looks like there will be many great movies this summer. I’ve got at least five on my list of must sees. 


I went out tonight with a couple of folks from my meetup group. We had fun. I discovered I don’t like bowling and pool is only fun when I’m playing someone I can’t play.  Sadly, I don’t have pictures of my meal or any of our games. 


As you can see from the number of pictures I have on my blog, I spend a lot of time in my car. I don’t have anything to blog about. I’ve been unmotivated to do much of anything.