Obama Years

Happy Mothers Day

Santa Monica

I took my mom trikking at the beach in Santa Monica. Not the best bike lane for riding. There were too many people walking on the bike lanes.  Then we had lunch at BP Oysterette. I had the grilled hangar steak and my mom had the lobster mac and cheese. With much regret, I did […]

We were enemies


Gaining weight

I was 119 pounds this past Thursday, today I’m 124 pounds. That’s five pounds in six days. I’m hoping this is just that time of the month weight. I shouldn’t be gaining weight so quickly because I had a bout of food poisoning or something and have been running to the bathroom a lot since […]

Opening weekend

I’ll never go see another movie on opening weekend. They told us to be at the theatre an hour and a half before the movie started. So we ended up standing in line forever. Ave gets better be good. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Asking God

One of the hardest things to do is to rely on someone else. I didn’t grow up with much family around, do I learned from an early age if my mom or my dad couldn’t help me, I was on my own. I wish I had known about God when I was younger. I probably […]


I made the decision to write out the book of Proverbs. Not sure what I’ll accomplish, but I noticed when I wrote out Romans, I meditated more on the text. I noticed things that I wouldn’t have noticed during my normal reading.  I don’t have much to say. That’s been my issue for a while […]


I just had to get the outfit pictured above. Of course, it looks much better on the model than on me. I’m a little chunky or at least I feel that way. I need to get my hair curled. I need to get in touch with E.

Stewed collard greens with chorizo

I counsel with my uplink tomorrow. I need to get a few things together tonight before I go to bed so I will be prepared tomorrow.  I made a new dish but I don’t line it very much. It’s hard to explain but the after taste of this dish is much better than the initial […]


I got my but kicked tonight playing darts. I have to make a rule to not play prior military, especially if they’ve been stationed in Korea. 

Zimmerman/Martin vs Taylor/unknown assailant

I went to the Blvd today to donate some money to Nathan Taylor’s family to help with burial expenses.  A senseless killing. Unlike the Trayvon Martin killing, deaths of black men at the hands of other black men are the norm. Not that pice have arrested Taylor’s killers but I’m willing to bet the perpetrators […]

Questions and prospecting

I have to go out tonight and get at least 1 name and number so I will have someone to come to the plan Friday night. I need to be asking people everyday but lately I’ve been scared to. Note to self, never stop when you have the momentum.  I had momentum two weeks ago […]

Franklin 13-prospecting and questions

The Blvd

Hanging out on the Blvd again.  I really like it here. Now that the weather is nice, people are out and about and absolutely friendly.  I have a feeling our summer is going to be less mild this year.  Well I’m going to enjoy my meal with my friend. 

Too sleepy to blog


I hate casinos. They stink. I don’t get the point in gambling. Why not just build a business and make some money instead of dropping money into a slot machine in hopes of winning some money?


Leadership weekend has started and I’m waiting for tonight’s speaker to start speaking.  I’m still feeling the effects of making the drive to Vegas 4 days this week. It didn’t seem like I would ever get here.  

Don’t want to be friends…

I understand now why I’m so bothered by the guy standing me up. It wasn’t that he no showed, it was because of his attitude that if I wasn’t looking for a relationship, then he didn’t want anything to do with me at all. I hate the fact he pretended to be interested in the […]


Modern Girl

I don’t like Modern Girl. I’m an old fashion girl and like to be wined and dined. This game makes the girl pay for the date. Also, it encourages unnecessary spending. For example, every time I earn some cash, the game tells me to buy new clothes.  Obviously, this game doesn’t promote responsible spending and […]

No showed

I was no showed tonight. I guess this guy wasn’t looking to make any money after all. Oh well. Practice makes perfect. 


I won’t be blogging today. I’ll definitely post something tomorrow.