Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I cannot describe my confusion over the TSCC. It seems like Fox is preparing to take TSCC off the air and the show is getting really, really good. The show is my favorite show on tv right now. I just have this feeling this will be the last season of TSCC despite next weeks episode […]

Health and television

I thought about going vegetarian for a while because I find meat upsets my stomach. Well, everything upsets my stomach. I had a few pieces of some lamb and I just couldn’t bring myself to eat any more. The meat was so fatty. It was the look of the meat that turned my stomach more […]

Day 170

I got my Buffy comics in the mail. They are beautiful! Apparently, Joss has been producing these comics since the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. According to one of the volumes of the comic I purchased over the weekend, Joss wrote Buffy comics which take place before Buffy arrived in Sunnydale. Figures. I’ve only see […]